Claudia Slovinsky

Naturalization and Citizenship

A legal permanent resident is eligible to apply for naturalization if he or she has:

  • Been a legal permanent resident for five years (three years if married and living with a United States citizen spouse)
  • been physically present in the U.S. more than half of the five (or three year) period immediately prior to making the application for naturalization,
  • had "good moral character" throughout the five (or three) year period
  • an understanding of the English language
  • knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of the history, principles and form of government of the United States, and
  • attachment to the principles of the Constitution of the United States.

Claudia Slovinsky and Associates, PLLC handles all naturalization cases, from the straightforward application to complex ones. We also handle both administrative and federal court appeals of naturalization denials.

We will carefully review your case for naturalization, making sure that not only you are eligible but also that it is safe for you to apply. Applying for naturalization can appear to be deceptively simple, however, there are pitfalls that may not be apparent, occasionally even resulting in the individual being placed in removal proceedings. Our lawyers carefully analyze each case, obtain prior immigration records if called for, and advise you before you apply.

In cases where the initial application for naturalization is denied, our firm can help you challenge the denial both in the administrative appeal stage, where a second opportunity to make your case is available, or a subsequent appeal to the U.S. District Court where a federal court judge will rule anew on your application. Sound legal reasoning and compelling legal writing is a strength of our firm.

Occasionally, an individual is already a United States citizen and may not even be aware that they have that status. This may occur because of the U.S. nationality of a parent, or sometimes even a grandparent.

Our firm will properly analyze such a case and apply for the documentation of U.S. citizenship.

In some cases the government challenges an individual's claim to U.S. citizenship or claims that the person has lost their U.S. citizenship.

With our effective advocacy a client can claim their existing United States citizenship status or challenge the charge of loss of citizenship.